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CPU Fire Applet - A GNOME Applet

A gnome panel applet showing the CPU load as a fire. CPU Fire A CPU load monitor, that comes as a gnome panel applet. CPU load is displayed as a beautiful fire, the higher the flames the higher the CPU load. It is as simple as this :) This program is also available as a debian package.

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Exifautotran - Lossless Exif-tag based JPEG rotation

This program performs automatic losless jpg file rotation according to exif tag. Useful w/ cameras encoding the orientation of pictures in the exif tags. Available from here.

Lorenz Attractor - Screensaver

Lorenz Attractor This is a 3d realtime visualization of the Lorenz Attractor. I wrote this effect back at breakpoint 2002 and got around polishing the code, writing man pages and documentation at breakpoint 2009. Well and I decided to integrate it into the really slick screensavers (rss-glx) package. Thanks to Tugrul Galatali for doing the finishing touches and making a new release withing one day :-)

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