@TechReport{JenKloZieSonMue09, author = {Robert Jenssen and Marius Kloft and Alexander Zien and S\"oren Sonnenburg and Klaus-Robert M\"{u}ller}, title = {A Multi-Class Support Vector Machine Based on Scatter Criteria}, number = {014-2009}, institution = {Technische Universit\"{a}t Berlin}, year = {2009}, date = {20090701}, month = {July}, pdf = {http://www.eecs.tu-berlin.de/fileadmin/f4/TechReports/2009/tr-2009-14.pdf}, abstract = {We re-visit Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and provide a novel interpretation thereof in terms of weighted class means and scatter theory. The gained theoretical insight can be translated into a highly existingcient extension to multi-class SVMs: mScatter-SVMs. Numerical simulations reveal that more than an order of magnitude speed-up can be gained while the classification performance remains largely unchanged at the level of the classical one vs. rest and one vs. one implementation of multi-class SVMs.} }